Jenny Dell Is Boston’s New Heidi Watney [PHOTOS]


ESPN Boston is reporting that its very own, Jenny Dell, is the new Heidi Watney of Red Sox Nation. How big is that news? Huge if you are Jenny Dell. She’s about to go from the world of X Games reporting to traveling the country & asking Dustin Pedroia about groin injuries. She’ll be the new face of the Red Sox dugout on NESN, the official home of Red Sox games. Who is this chick? She went to UMass & was a cheerleader. She also liked – or still likes – to party. 

So Watney left NESN to go back to Southern California to “explore other opportunities.” Dell gets the coveted gig. How quickly did ESPN delete her work for the Mothership? Like overnight. Her videos are gone. Later. Never knew you.  She

Don’t get NESN? Probably should figure out a solution before pitchers/catchers report. Or stay tuned. No way this chick makes it through an entire season without someone dropping drunken Jenny Dell pics in our laps. Waiting.


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