Albertsons Super Bowl Pepsi Display Includes Truck Driven Into Store [PHOTOS, VIDEO]


At this point it’s going to take live white tigers eating raw meat in a Pepsi Super Bowl display to shock us. Just when it seemed the bar had risen to an unbeatable level, some Pepsi/Frito Lay guys decided to drive a full-size truck into an Albertsons for display purposes. And we really mean they drove it into the store. Right through the front door.

Not sure which Albertsons this is so if you see an orange truck at your grocery store, make sure you wash the vegetables extra tonight. Watch the video below. The driver has to stop in the produce aisle to navigate the truck into place.

The video, uploaded Tuesday, is 8 minutes long and the camera guy mentions he’s recording for insurance purposes. Not sure if that’s a legit statement but you’ll probably want to bookmark this post if you come down with some illness from exhaust fumes.

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