West Virginia Fan Fighting Stadium Cop At Orange Bowl [VIDEO]


If you’ve already seen this one and plan to write us an email, “Dude…that one is so old. Saw that like weeks ago,” save it. Could care less what you saw three weeks ago. It’s the first time we’ve seen West Virginia unloading on a stadium cop at the Orange Bowl. And our asses haven’t taken a full day off the Internet in like 7 months.

Anyway, here’s Train doing some Aerosmith during halftime when drunk WVU guy starts swinging.

Posted: Jan. 24, 2012

Premise of Video: It’s such a shame ESPN didn’t let viewers see Train perform. Would’ve been so cool to see them whip through some cover songs. It looks like WVU fan was enjoying himself, but then what looks like a rent-a-cop comes up end the fun. Wrong move, bro.

Climax of Video: ahhh…..ahhhh…..ahhhh…..DREAM ON, DREAM ON, PUNCH, PUNCH, DREAM ON!

Conclusion: That stadium cop regains control of the situation like a boss. Can’t even see the white guy go down it happens so quick. Impressive work.

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