Alyonka Larionov Getting Destroyed By NHL All-Star Draft Viewers

We’ll have more on this tomorrow, but quickly, NHL All-Star Draft viewers are unloading on Alyonka Larionov who is getting her big TV break as a social media sideline reporter tonight. Her dad is Igor, the famous Russian who had huge success in the NHL with Detroit. Alyonka, once the arm candy of Alex Ovechkin, has been working her way up the hockey media landscape & viewers aren’t digging the rookie.

Twitter isn’t being very nice.

Examples: @jessespector

Nothing against AlyonkaLarionov, but her deployment here is every bit as useful as the Weather Channel’s social media drop-ins.


Was AlyonkaLarionov was hired for her sparkling personality or her easy on-camera demeanor?


AlyonkaLarionovshouldauditionfor@Brazzers#idhititafterall, @ovi8did

Of course a full recap will be waiting for you in the morning.

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