Greg Oden Not Impressed By These Nipple Stickers [PHOTOS]


Here’s what we know about the NBA career of Greg Oden – it’s over. Face it, the guy is never playing  again. But, we’re still left with a guy who can take a random moment with a chick wearing nipple stickers and turn it into Internet gold. The short chick is named Teyana Taylor. Black dudes in the Harlem ‘hood know who she is. We’re really white so she’s about as important to us as Elisabeth Hasselbeck is to a black dude.

Anyway, this is what Teyana uploaded to Twitter last week.

The two tallest ppl I know that makes me look only two feet tall.

Of course Amazon chick is wearing heels, but Oden is 7-foot. Biggin’ is pretty much his size, which is about as bizarre as finding Oden next to a tall chick wearing nipple stickers. Gotta hand it to the guy, he never seems to be fazed by the moment.

Just going about his life with Amazon boobies in his face. Ho-hum.


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