Patriots Forklift Driver Guy Plowing This Pole On Live TV [VIDEO]

You know what makes local TV sports much more enjoyable? Forklift drivers plowing light poles outside Gillette Stadium. Of course local TV sports is useless. Homerville. But there were people still watching Fox 25 live yesterday when Stevie Wonder gave us a Top 5 video of 2012 contender. Can’t make up this stuff.

Patriots fan is so focused on Indianapolis in February that small things like light poles can’t derail their Lombardi ambitions.

Posted: January 23, 2012

Premise of Video: ‘Chuck’ and ‘Vinny’ are doing their thing, which they’ll be doing for the next 14 days, when Wonder decides to make himself an Internet superstar.

Climax of Video: “I don’t think he knew that pole was there.”

Conclusion: Wonder just trying to get time off without pay so he doesn’t have to work February 5. You might think he’s a moron for plowing the pole but this looks strategic to me. Two weeks off without pay is better than getting fired for calling off sick on Super Bowl Sunday. Pretty much a genius.