Paige Brendel Is Blue Jays’ 3B Brett Lawrie’s New Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Who is Paige Brendel? She’s the new blonde girlfriend of Toronto Blue Jays 3B Brett Lawrie. What the hell is the big deal with Ms. Brendel? Well, she’s a former college soccer player, is an Arizona State broadcast journalism major and cheerleader (still efforting if she’s an ASU cheerleader). Why does all this matter?

Because Lawrie was engaged in the fall, got disengaged from this chick & is now having tattoos removed. Tattoos, you ask? Yeah, well, Lawrie went and had his ex-fiancee’s initials tattooed on his wrist. Oops.

It seems like the first order of business in this Brendel-Lawrie relationship was some tat removal. The removal of Lawrie’s ex-fiancee’s initials. She happens to be Team USA soccer member Sydney Leroux. No biggie.

In other words, we have a major B-list WAG drama building.

Brendel tweeted Jan. 5, a month or so after Internet gossip mongers figured out the two were dating.

Tattoo removal appointment is made my dear @blawrie13#regrets

Anyway, our researchers have Brendel projected as a Top 5 MLB WAG Newcomer Of 2012 based on looks, Twitter drama and likelihood to upload bikini shots during spring training. You know, those POV shots as the WAG lays by the pool while the meal ticket plays five innings in Dunedin.

It’ll be shocking if this chick isn’t a household name by the time pitchers and catchers report.

Have shots of Ms. Brendel that we’ve missed? Know an up and coming WAG that has flown under the radar? Do your thing.

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