NBC10’s LuAnn Cahn Live Twitpics Joe Paterno’s Viewing [PHOTO]

Is it distasteful for someone to take a photo of the Joe Paterno casket today before the viewing took place at the Penn State campus spiritual center? One last collector’s photo? Well, NBC10 Philly reporter LuAnn Cahn did her best to live tweet today’s viewing. Is this sad? Cahn just doing her job? Seems pretty tacky to us, but who are we to tell LuAnn Cahn what dead person viewing she can tweet about. 

True, the Pa. folks looked at him as the Pope, but come on. What exactly do you do with a Paterno casket pic? You show that to your grandkids? Put it on Facebook? Were you hoping for an open casket? Is there a casket photo of you and the casket?