Ladies Love Rob Gronkowski: A (Growing) Photo Collection

Is there a chick on this planet that can possibly resist the urge of The Gronkowski? The spike. The chiseled jaw line. The 2% body fat. The abs. The gun shows. The NFL tight end records. The Ivan Drago hair. In a matter of five months, Rob Gronkowski has gone from an unknown, to a chick’s dream come true. We’ve searched out these ladies and their Internet shrapnel. These photos represent trophy deer moments to these ladies. 

For example, one chick couldn’t upload this photo from Sunday night fast enough.

@CaitlinSavoy and I got to meet @RobGronkowski last night! woop whoop #GOPATS

On the field – can’t be stopped. Off the field: walks into a bar and crushes ‘tang like it’s going out of style. We haven’t seen anything like this, to this extent, since Kyle Orton was pounding Jack Daniels.

Just witnesses.

Are you a chick who’s been powerless in the arms of The Gronk and need to have the Internet see your photos? Were you drinking with The Gronk over the weekend? Let’s chat.