Joe Paterno Memorial Service Tickets On eBay Hit $99,000; Yanked

Would an eBay member (mollyswimom) with top-rated seller status post fraudulent Joe Paterno memorial service tickets on the auction site? Nope. Would jokers highjack the auction to the point where it would need to be yanked by eBay? Yes. We know tickets to Thursday’s public service at the Bryce Jordan Center are in huge demand. $100k for two, demand? Doubtful.

Of course BC has an eBay message to mollyswimom asking what’s up with the auction. How did he/she get the tickets?

Good for mollyswimmom if she can legitimately land $100,000 for the tickets. You show me a guy who wouldn’t give up his tickets to that service for $100k and we’ll show you a liar. It’s a service. Big Ten Network will carry it live.