Vernon Davis Already Planning NFC Championship After Party [PHOTOS]

Vernon Davis is already planning his victory  party directly after the NFC Championship Game. Sounds pretty cocky to me but I didn’t catch the game winning pass in my last game against the New Orleans Saints. The San Francisco 49ers host the New York Giants this Sunday. Will this be shittiest party ever or one that sends them to the Superbowl? Check out the invite instructions and the full picture after the JUMP!

Have something from the on this party that we missed? Spotted a hot chick we need to investigate? Do your thing.

I wonder what the coach of the San Francisco 49ers thinks about all of this? Pretty stupid to plan a victory party when you haven’t won yet. It’s either going to be the best party ever or about as exciting as a funeral. Want bottle service? Want reservations? Check out Vernon Davis better hope this doesn’t come to bite him in the ass.

UPDATE: Vernon Davis is in fact not hosting the party and not an idiot. HT SBNation.

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