Spec’s Liquor Store Super Bowl Display Is Man’s Dream Come True [PHOTOS]


Each year around the Super Bowl we start posting great beer displays from across this great nation. One beer display artist, Richard, wrote to us today with his 2012 piece of artistry. “Check it out we built this in a Spec’s Liquor Store in Galveston, TX,” he bragged. And he should be bragging. That’s not a golf cart. That’s like a mini-Jeep SUV with a LCD in the bed, sitting on Bud Light cases. The race is on, beer display artists.

We salute the fine folks at Spec’s (family owned since 1962) who obviously take their beer displays seriously. Boys, one of these days BC will stop in and talk drunk athletes and beer displays.

If you happen to live in Galveston area, stop in and tell them BC sent you. (Nope, we don’t receive a dime from Spec’s. These seem to be good people just trying to make buying beer much more enjoyable.)

Send in your Super Bowl beer or pop/soda displays. Be proud of your efforts.


[Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods]

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