World’s Hottest Golfer Can’t Be Sandra Gal [PHOTOS]


German Sandra Gal has been voted the hottest golfer in a contest put on by Golf Digest.

She outdistanced Rickie Fowler, who, as you may have suspected, is a dude. Golf Digest set up the contest to choose a female and male winner and pitted them against each other in the finals. Gal beat Fowler by a lot, receiving more than 99 percent of the final vote.

Gal received more than 80,000 votes to earn the distinction as the fairest golfer of them all — a testament to our user demographics (more men voting for Gal than women voting for Fowler), the power of social media (Gal actively recruited voters on Twitter), but most of all, Gal, a 26-year-old German who is looking to build off her first LPGA win in last year’s Kia Classic. Gal’s win in the Hottest Golfer contest might not have counted toward the official money list, but it certainly can’t hurt her self esteem.

In the women’s final, Gal out distanced Anna Rawson by a margin of 62 percent to 38 percent.

Personally, we probably would have voted heavily for Rawson or Belen Mozo, but what the hell do we know? The poll certainly wasn’t scientific, but we’re not going to argue that Gal is hot.

[Q: Who Is The Hottest Golfer? A: Sandra Gal]

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