Kobe Losing All Three Mansions In Divorce


Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant probably doesn’t need to worry about being homeless — he makes $25 million a year in salary, plus another $10 million a year in endorsement money — but he won’t be living in any of the homes he bought while he was married.

That’s because his ex-wife Vanessa scored all three of the couple’s Newport Beach homes in their divorce. Oh yeah, she also pockets $75 million, which seems totally fair since she’s always been a big earner at her job. Oh, wait… she’s never had a job of any sort.

That $75 million represents half of the couples’ total assets. Half, yo!

It turns out, based on the property settlement, Vanessa scored a clean sweep, snagging ALL THREE of the former couple’s mansions in the Newport Beach area.

Vanessa gets the estate the couple was living in, the estate her mom is living in, and she gets the new estate that had been under construction for 2 years and was just completed. We were told Kobe was moving into the new estate, but that’s not true. It’s Vanessa’s crib, lock stock and barrel.

Anyway, I guess that’s what you get when you don’t get a prenup, hey Kobe? Good thinking, bro!

Let this be a lesson to all of you.
[Kobe Bryant wife scores big in divorce]

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