Ken Morrow’s Miracle On Ice Jersey: $11,000 And Rising


The U.S. hockey team’s win over the Ruskies in the 1980 Olympics — AKA The Miracle On Ice — is undeniably one of the greatest moments in sports and now you can have a piece of it or maybe pretend you were there playing, if that’s your thing.

Defenseman Ken Morrow’s game-worn jersey is up for auction.

The auction started at a cool $5,000 and the bidding was up to $11,794 as of Friday afternoon. That’s a pretty penny and the price is only going to get higher. The auction doesn’t end until February 22.

The minimum bid on Friday was $12,974.

So what do you get if you want to throw around, say, $20,000?

This wondrous white Team USA uniform was issued to and worn by Ken Morrow during the “Miracle on Ice” match against Russia of February 22, 1980. The mesh shirt has two-tone tackle twill arched lettering on the chest identifying “USA” and the numbers on the back and sleeves are in identical material and stitched onto the shirt. A blue tackle twill name bar sewn on the back holds white lettering spelling out Ken’s surname. Game wear is easy to spot on the jersey. Three lengthy stick slashes run across the belly with smaller marks below and on the lowest hem stripe. A small black mark appears down low on the left cuff with a few lighter scuffs and three additional black stick marks over on the opposite sleeve which also displays a light red swipe of post paint transfer up above the sleeve number. Four darker stick marks turn up near the number on the back with a series of smaller and lighter stick marks lower on the back. The right elbow shows a thin line of rust-colored staining that appears to be blood.

Sweet! Commie blood!

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
[Ken Morrow jersey auction]

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