Charles Barkley Trash Talking The Poor: “If You Ain’t Rich, Don’t Talk” [VIDEO]


God bless, Charles Barkley. You know what makes me proud as a human being? That I’m living in the Charles Barkley generation. One of these days you’ll find yourself thinking back on life and the treasures that made our time on Earth that much more enjoyable. Barkley will be one of those twinkles in your eye. He’s the black Jimmy the Greek. The black Bill Maher. The black John Madden.

All rolled into this drinkin’, gamblin’, hilarious ball of flesh.

Posted: January 17, 2012

Premise of Video: This went down outside the Nokia in L.A. this week where TNT was broadcasting live – we think. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter. The gist of what we have here is Barkley making life that much more of a comedy. Doing what he does best, just kicking some heckler square in the nuts with a wallet comment.

Climax of Video: “A guy that poor talking sh*t to me…”

Conclusion: Dream drinking buddies list now includes Wade Boggs, Charles Barkley, Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee and growing.

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