Tim Tebow Just Hanging Out In Las Vegas [PHOTOS]


The last dude you’d expect to be in Las Vegas was in Las Vegas yesterday.

That’s right. Mr. Wholesome, Tim Tebow was in Sin City yesterday. According to TMZ he caught a performance of┬áthe Cirque du Soleil show, “O” at the Bellagio with his brother Robby and a friend.

Before all of Christianity flies off the handle, Tebow was apparently nothing but his boring-ass self. He was in town for a Nike shoot and only stayed the day.

We’re told Tebow didn’t gamble, didn’t party, and definitely didn’t attend the big AVN porn convention that happens to be going on down the street.

We asked how Tebow’s ribs and lungs were feeling after the beating he took at the hands of the New England Patriots last weekend — and his rep told us, “He’s doing good … taking his time to relax and rehab. He’s been rehabbing non-stop.”

We asked how Tebow would be spending his first free weekend in months … and the rep told us, “He’s looking forward to going to church.”

He’s looking forward to going to church, people!

That’s funny, since most people look forward to going to Vegas and despise going to church. The Denver Broncos quarterback is obviously not most people, though.

If he wants to head back for the weekend, we’ll hook him up with a pair of tickets to the AVN Awards.

Praise the Lord!

@ELISHA22HENSEY reports:

my sister wit tebow at nike town [in vegas]

[Tim Tebow Gets a Taste of Sin City]

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