Julie Dorenbos: NFL’s Hottest Long Snapper WAG Gets Body Painted [PHOTOS]

Those of you who’ve been with BC over the years might remember our fascination with Philadelphia Eagles WAG Julie Dorenbos. Her husband, Jon, is the Philly long snapper and has been in the league since 2003. There isn’t another NFL city where the wife of the long snapper is the dominant WAG.

Julie been in the spray tan business for a few months, but kicked things up a notch this week by getting body painted (2nd photo in gallery, below).

Um, other WAGs better take notice. Julie tweeted this week:

Had so much fun with the most amazing body painter! Thanks @JentheBpainter@JonDorenbos & I hope to see you soon!

Ladies, are you listening? Want to keep your husband/BF/BFF satisfied like a professional? Get body painted and then start sending out wood-inducing tweets. You see, Julie didn’t get herself a long snapper by being shy. This woman knows the game, perfected it and that’s why we appreciate her more and more each year she’s in the WAG-dome.

If we could only get the Eagles WAGs to do a NSFW body paint calendar for ’12. Let’s make it happen, ladies.

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