Edmonton Oilers’ Taylor Hall Healing Just Fine After Skate To Face [PHOTO]


Oilers left winger Taylor Hall took a skate across his head the other night in Columbus – during warmups. A freak fall resulted in Hall taking out his teammate and Corey Potter trying to avoid the bodies strewn across the ice. No chance. Potter’s skate clipped Hall’s head and you now get a look at what a skate can do to a face. Not a good look. 

Taylor tweets: The reports that I’m out for the season aren’t true. I am going to be back as soon as possible.

We have all the faith in the world that Hall will use this cut to his advantage on the bar scene. What chick in Edmonton won’t be drawn in by 40 stitches and a near death experience? Impossible. Nothing drops panties like giant scars and a pro sports paycheck, according to our research. Nothing.

If you really need to watch the skate-cutting incident, here you go. Just eat lunch? Might want to be careful.

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