49ers Fan Hitting 49ers Fan With This Beer Bottle After Saints Game [VIDEO]


And here we figured 49ers fans went home peacefully after their team beat the Saints last Saturday night. Not so, according to this video uploaded on YouTube showing 49ers fan smacking a fellow fan with what appears to be a beer bottle. The title says its a 49ers vs. Saints fan brawl…but it appears to be all red jerseys brawling like the street thugs they are.

If Philly controls the East Coast asshole market, San Fran is gradually peeling away the title from Raiders fan out west.

Posted: January 16, 2012

Premise of Video: Pretty much covered that already. What we really want to know is if the San Francisco police plan to go after this guy for bringing a bottle to an NFL fan fight. The police getting involved in YouTube fan fight violence and teabagging is all the rage these days so stay tuned.

Climax of Video: That would be two swings from 49ers fan with that bottle. It’s :40 of fan fight violence from the home team.

Conclusion: There’s so many ass kickings going on that you’ll watch this one 3-4 times. Expect a press release and wanted poster by 3 PST.

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