Tebow Injured So Bad In Patriots Loss He Could Barely Smile For Patriots Fan

The big NFL news being floated today by ESPN and gobbled up by the Denver Post and the rest of the gobblers is that Baby Jesus played most of the 2nd half in Foxboro in severe pain. Chest bruises and torn rib cartilage. But Tim Tebow can’t possibly be sidelined by such minor injuries. Oh, but he wouldn’t have played this week if Denver beat the Patriots, says the Post.

Things were so bad for BJ that he somehow muscled out a smile for Pats kid.

Just look at the pain. The fake smile. The bruises hurting so bad that he’s just wishing it would all be over. Of course the Post adds to the heroics.

Tebow also sustained bruising in the chest area but did not have a bruised lung, according to a Broncos source. After the game, Tebow wore an ice pack on his non-throwing shoulder.

Broncos coach John Fox nearly pulled Tebow out of the Patriots game in the third quarter when he was shaken up, and had backup Brady Quinn​ warming up. But, Tebow stayed in the game and played through the pain.

Asked later why he stayed in the game, Tebow said, “Sometimes you get hit. Sometimes it can hurt a little bit. But, I wanted to play that game.”

By the way, who’s the kid with Tebow? Ochocinco flew up a member of his Twitter Nation and it just happened to be @Vic13NYY. So was he about to die or crumble to his knees in pain, we asked Vic.

he seemed fine to me just looked exhausted!

even if there was something wrong he would have not shown it or told anyone!

And there you have it. Not near death.

[Tim Tebow’s injuries could have prevented him from playing in AFC title game]