So Dez Bryant Beefing With Weezy At Club LIV In Miami Over The Weekend

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is a dumb thug, this we know.

He got suspended at Oklahoma State and he’s been dealing with unpaid loans since he’s been in the pros. He’s supposedly got plenty of talent, though. Too bad he didn’t show it in 2011, a season where he caught 63 balls for 928 yards — not bad, but certainly not as advertised.

So what is Bryant doing this offseason? Getting in shit with people up in the club.


Bryant was at the Miami Beach club LIV inside the posh Fontainebleau on Sunday when an altercation broke out. Details are sketchy, but Bryant’s advisor David Wells confirmed Bryant was involved in a confrontation. As the story goes, someone was making fun of Bryant about his debts and his crappy season. Now, that someone has been revealed to be none other than Weezy himself, Lil Wayne.

We find this all pretty humorous. Neither Bryant or Weezy have been named in police reports, but sources have confirmed both were part of the melee.

What no one seems to have put together is this: Weezy is a hardcore Green Bay Packers fan. The Packers got worked by the New York Giants on Sunday, so he was probably really drunk and really pissed, making Bryant an easy and likely target.

Of course you know that idiot would bite.
[Dez Bryant Detained After Fight With “Famous Rapper” at Club LIV]