New Orleans Cops Hunting For Alabama Fan Who Teabagged LSU Fan

We’ve kinda stayed away from the story of Bama fan dropping his nuts on passed out LSU fan at the BCS Championship festivities because both sets of fans already seem to hate us and we like to visit SEC country without getting our asses whipped. But now the story has become a crime scene. The New Orleans Police Department is hunting themselves a Bama sexual predator and has this poster circulating to help bring justice to the Krystal’s teabagging.

Need to see the video? An edited version is here.

The Times-Picayune says Louisiana state law clearly defines sexual battery.

“the touching of the … genitals of the offender by the victim,” if the offender acts without the victim’s consent.

So Bama fan might have himself a few issues down on the Bayou including a lynch mob who doesn’t take kindly to you rubbing nuts on one of their own.

If you have time tonight and want some old fashioned rivalry trash talk from Auburn & Alabama fan, go to and cruise through these comments. This teabagging has turned into a war of words that’s a piece of Internet gold.

And finally, do you care what the mouth of Alabama football, Paul Finebaum thinks about grown man balls slapping up against LSU fan’s face? We have you covered right here.

Know the wanted Bama fan? Call police at 504-658-5523.