American Idol’s Brittany Kerr Is An NBA Dancer [PHOTOS]

About an hour ago on American Idol we had the chance to meet Charlotte Bobcats dancer Brittany Kerr and hear her audition with Joss Stone’s Spoiled. Brittany’s soulful voice, ripped jeans and exposed belly helped her land a coveted ticket to Hollywood and we instantly have a full-fledged sports angle to this season of Idol.

Kerr, currently on the dance team, had a viewing party tonight & things went fairly well. Yes-no-yes. Of course J. Lo was the dissenting vote.

As for her new found fame tonight, the Twitter feed is exploding.

Wow!!! Look at all these new followers!! So thankful:) thanks guys for being supportive!!! Had a blast! Xoxo

The Brittany Kerr File:

• Human Environmental Science major

• On bucket list: Sing the National anthem at a professional game

• First degree black belt

• Dream job: singer

• Loves stuffed mushrooms

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