WWE Diva Kelly Kelly Birthday Cake Boobs Slurped Up By NHLers [PHOTOS]


In case you forgot or were passed out that day, BC told you that WWE Diva Kelly Kelly was dating Dallas Stars’ defenseman Sheldon Souray. True, not the biggest of stories but you idiots seem to like wrestling – alot – so we have to tell you about Kelly’s birthday party over the weekend where her narcissism was turned into a cake with her likeness. The good news for us, Souray and his teammate Eric Nystrom tweeted about eating the boobs. 

We’ll start with Souray:

This was my piece of cake… #mmmmm

Obviously referencing the photo below of his cake on a plate. Then we have Nystrom tweeting about eating cake boob.

Im still full. Think i got a right boob of cake!! #mmmmm

And of course Kelly had to reflect on the night.

Thanks to the love of my life @SSouray for the amazing birthday dinner and surprises this weekend,best birthday ever!

Best ever? You’re only 25. Wait until you hit 30 and Souray is broke. You’ll be wishing he wouldn’t have spent a fortune on that stupid cake. Nice boobs, though.

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