Josh Hamilton Still Wearing That Douchebag Beanie Cap/Sunglasses Combo [PHOTOS]

That headline is a little long and probably doesn’t make much sense to you guys – yet. A little backstory for you. Back in December, BC editors happened upon a photo of Josh Hamilton at a Subway and he was wearing a tough guy beanie/sunglasses combo. And then we saw this poster from Scripture Art of Hamilton wearing yet another beanie.

What does it all mean? We’re not sure, but the white sunglasses on the beanie look with gold chain has us smitten.

So there was Hamilton this weekend at Rangers-fest, or whatever they call it. The guy was still wearing the beanie/sunglass combo. And he was Tebowing.

Still not sold that this guy has totally removed himself from the licking whipped cream off the nipple days of 2009.


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