Biggest Balls At 2012 Australian Open? This Ball Boy [VIDEO]


Roger Federer’s first-round match at the 2012 Australian Open was pretty much a snoozer, (7-5, 6-2, 6-2) but there was at least one takeaway. Alexandre Kudryavtsev was in this rally with Federer and decided to go baseline backhand. Only problem was that he was a little late with the shot and it got away from him. Yeah, so there was one of those Aussie Open ball boys standing at the referee stand.


Posted: Jan. 16, 2012

Premise of Video: As mentioned, an over-matched Alexandre Kudryavtsev goes backhand and powers through the shot. Hugh is just mere inches from being killed by a tennis ball, the worst possible case of death in Australia. Very embarrassing stuff.

Climax of Video: Hugh doesn’t move an inch. Total boss move from this little kid. Dude just goes about his business and doesn’t flinch.

Conclusion: Can you imagine the ball girl tail that Hugh will pull after this performance? The chicks have to be turned on by such court heroics.

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