SFO Dropping Famous Jay-Z 49 Problems Lyrics On Flight Monitor [Photo]


It started in Denver after the Broncos and Tim Tebow beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. At one of the gates in the Denver airport, they jabbed distraught Steelers fans by posting, “How about that Tebow?” at a United departure.

Well, they’ve followed suit in San Francisco.

After the 49ers pulled out a last-minute victory against the New Orleans Saints, some folks at a Virgin America gate in SFO posted a message for Saints fans — I’ve got 49 problems but a Saint ain’t one.

We definitely appreciate the Jay-Z reference because, hell, we’ve got 99 problems and bitches are all of them. We also appreciate the fact that the 9ers have pretty much sucked donkey balls for the past 10 years, so hell, live it the fuck up, San Francisco!

The odd thing about the message is, the flight at this particular gate was going from SFO to LAX. As a Los Angeleno, I can tell you there aren’t any Saints fans in the City of Angels.

As it turns out, Virgin doesn’t fly to New Orleans.

Maybe you should get on that Sir Richard Branson, you pretentious dick.

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