Saints Fan Shoots 49ers Fans At Applebees Because They Were Cheering [Cuff ‘Em]


Imagine you and a buddy head over to Applebees to get the 2 for $20, watch some football and pound some 23 oz. beers. You just happen to be 49ers fans living in the Atlanta area. Then, imagine a convicted felon just happens to be at Applebees and is a Saints fan. It just happens to be the day when the Saints and 49ers are facing off in the NFL Divisional round. The 49ers score, you cheer and Saints fan tells you he’s going to shut your ass up for good. What happens next? Gunshots. 

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Adams told Channel 2 Action News that he was at the restaurant celebrating with a friend before the shooting happened.

He said he and his friend were watching an NFL playoff game and rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. He said a New Orleans Saints fan took offense to his cheering and had words with him.

“The only thing me and my buddy said was, we were excited that the 49ers scored,” Adams said. “It was only one touchdown.”

Investigators said all three men had been inside the Applebee’s watching a football game. Ayro became upset with Middleton and Adams and made a comment that he would be back for them and left the restaurant, police said. A short time later, Ayro confronted the two men in the parking lot and fired on them with a handgun.

So for the rest of you 49ers fans living in Atlanta, be thankful you didn’t make the decision to go eat crappy food and watch the game on Applebees’ crappy TVs. Can’t that place get some decent TVs? The whole scene at Applebees makes us sad. It has to be the worst pub/restaurant combo still standing.

[2 shot in Applebee’s parking lot after rooting for 49ers]

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