O.J. Simpson’s $600,000 Florida Pad In Foreclosure While He’s In Jail!

The Juice, O.J. Simpson, hasn’t made many good decisions lately.

First, he killed his ex-wife and some other dude, he lost a civil suit filed by their families, he got tossed in jail for 33 years for kidnapping and now he’s losing his Florida home because he hasn’t been paying the bills. That’s right, O.J., who’s currently rotting away in a Nevada prison where he belongs, is getting foreclosed on.

Although his attorneys are contesting the bank’s decision, it isn’t like The Juice needs a house in Florida right now anyway. He’s not eligible for parole until 2017.

O.J. bought the joint for $575,000 in 2000 and it was valued at more than $1 million as recently as 2007. It’s current value is somewhere around $600,000. The decrease is understandable because, hey, who wants to live in a place that a murderer and all-around shitbag used to inhabit?

Simpson owes the bank almost $725,000.

As for the home, you can probably get it for a decent price. It’s only one story, but it’s 4,034 square feet and has five bedrooms. Unfortunately, there’s only one bathroom in the whole damn place. What the hell O.J.?

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