Bro, Did You See The Greatest Lacrosse KO Fight Video Of 2012?


So the bros on the Internet went nuts this weekend over videos from the Philadelphia-Rochester line brawls during the National Lacrosse League’s opener. What did we learn from these lacrosse fights? They’re much more dangerous than hockey fights and you’d be arrested if this took place 30 feet away in the stands. But, this is sport and lacrosse needs fighting to put people in the seats.

Watch Philly bro absolutely unload on Rochester bro.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: It seems, from our novice knowledge of this sport, that these two teams don’t like each other. We also understand that bros have to prove their worth in game one. Beers start flowing, fans get rowdy and those paying customers want entertained in a Rochester blowout.

Climax of Video: Philly bro connects cleanly and down goes Rochester bro.

Conclusion: Better than lingerie football?

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