Crazy 49ers Fan Gets ’49ers’ Tatted To His Inner Lip [PHOTO]

Say hello to Big Nige (@MrBayWearea). He claims to be a North Cali pimp, a rapper and/or singer. We just met him on Twitter thanks to his adventure to a tattoo parlor yesterday where he got a 49ers inner lip tat. That’s right, no faking from Big Nige, he’s so hardcore it makes our white asses feel like curling up in the fetal position. Seriously, no tattoo artist is getting anywhere near our lips with that gun.

But Big Nige nutted up for the playoffs run. This is his year. You’ve been warned, Saints fan.

Yesterday, our hero tweeted:

OMW to the #tattoo parlor…Tat on the inside of my Bottom Lip….?

The rest is history so think of Nige when Drew Brees gets a controversial endzone pass interference call to go his way and hits Lance Moore on a 1-yard TD to win it.

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