Playboy’s Miss February Leola Bell Just Discovered Tebowing, Loves Tebow [PHOTOS]

Busted Coverage Special Features Editor Joe Student filed this report late last night while on a tight deadline.

Leola Bell, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February, knows all about “First World Problems.”

“When you have your body painted, you can’t sit down or the paint will crack.…And, it’s ridiculously hard to get off. You have to scrub really hard,” Bell said of the time she modeled at a Playboy mansion party wearing only paint.

Bell, 27, of Boynton Beach, Florida, is one of many women who are nude in the magazine’s Jan./Feb. double issue on newsstands now. Actress Lindsay Lohan graces the cover.

“Having her in it draws so many readers who might not otherwise pick up the magazine,” Bell said of Lohan.

What Playboy readers won’t find out is what this daughter of a Seventh-Day Adventist minister told us: what her dad thought of the issue, which woman she most wants to see naked and her pick-up technique.

You are the daughter of a minister. How did your dad and your family react to you posing nude? How about other congregation members?

“Everyone has been really, really supportive. As you said, my dad is a pastor, so I don’t think that this is the career choice he would have chosen for me, but he’s happy for me. My mom loves it! She wants to wear my (Playboy) necklace.”

You got involved with Playboy through a casting call. What was that like?

“I was a Girl of Golf first….Actually, when I was going to do a Playboy Girls of Golf event, I wanted to study up on what they were like before I went. When I Goolged it, Busted Coverage was one of the sites that I looked at, so I have seen what you guys do.”

So, you Google stalked us. Really? Usually, that’s our job.

“I did. For sure.”

You are part of the same issue as Lindsay Lohan. Are there any other female celebrities you’d like to see naked? How about males?

“(Laughs) If I were to have incentive to buy a magazine, it wouldn’t be to see naked men. I’d have to say Eva Mendes. She’s beautiful. I think she’s perfect.”

You went to school at Florida Atlantic University. Did you ever have football envy of the other Florida schools?

“I’m the worst when it comes to sports. I like teams based on the colors of their uniforms….I don’t even know what you call those two yellow things that they kick the football through.” (Editor’s Note: Goal posts.)

Which sports teams – pro or college – do you cheer for?

“The (Florida) Gators, because blue and orange is always fun to wear. I like the (Miami) Dolphins, too. And, being from Florida, I am a Miami Heat fan.”

Given your home state and religious background, did you consider Tebowing in the Playmate pictorial?

“I just found out what that was yesterday. I don’t think I’d do that.”

Tim Tebow: Love him or hate him?

“I had a boss who loved him, so, love, I guess. I don’t think anything negative about his beliefs. He is free to think what he wants.”

Playboy models and athletes seem to be like chocolate and peanut butter. Do you think athletes are drawn to Playmates or vice-versa? Or both?

“Well, athletes are in the public eye and Playmates get a taste of it. Everyone gets invited to parties and we wind up in the same circles, so it’s not surprising. It hasn’t happened to me yet.”

Have you had any celebrities connect with you since you’ve become a Playmate?

“I have.”


“And, I’m trying to keep that a secret. I like to save something for me. I’m naked in the magazine, but I won’t bare everything outside of it.”

You’ve said you’d like to open a cat shelter. Are you worried that you’ll be visited by crazy cat ladies or, worse, become one?

“I love, love, love cats. My cat (GreenBean) is at the vet right now and I am sad. He’s in the magazine with me, too. I’d love to open up a place where people can drop off kitties and those cats can get adopted….I am a crazy cat lady. When I see a stray outside McDonald’s or wherever, I go buy a can of cat food and try to lure it into my car, so I can take it home with me. I am totally psycho, I know.”

Leola Bell is Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for  February. The January/February issue is on newsstands and on with additional photos available at Follow Leola on Twitter

Goddammit, Make It Stop! [Morning Twitpic]
Goddammit, Make It Stop! [Morning Twitpic]
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