Paul Revere Will Wear Tebow Jersey If God Grants Miracle

In our estimation, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was lucky to win the bet with his Pittsburgh counterpart last week. If the Steelers hadn’t played such crappy, vanilla coverage against the Broncos and Sir Tebow, the outcome might have been different.

As a result of the Broncos win over the Steelers, Luke Ravenstahl was forced to Tebow in a Tim Tebow jersey in the Steel City. Hancock, apparently feeling emboldened by last week’s win, has now placed an equally dumb wager with Boston Mayor Ken Tom Menino.

First, they mayor from the losing city will buy his counterpart dinner. If Denver wins, Hancock will dine on New England lobster. If New England wins, Menino will get a Colorado steak dinner.

Yeah, we’re not sure what differentiates a Colorado steak dinner from a steak dinner anywhere else. Maybe they slaughter the cow right outside the restaurant or something.

The second part of the bet goes something like this. If New England wins, which they certainly should, Hancock will wear a Tom Brady jersey during a public appearance. That’s pretty standard stuff.

Here’s the kicker.

If Tebow channels divine intervention and the Broncos somehow pull off a win in New England, Menino will have to decorate his city’s statue of Paul Revere with a Tebow jersey. We’re sure the locals will love that and we’re sure the jersey will last about five minutes after Menino leaves before getting ripped off by someone from Southie.

Frankly, the thought of one of our greatest patriots wearing a Tim Tebow jersey makes us sick.

The Pats are 14-point favorites on Saturday.
[Paul Revere will wear Tebow jersey if Broncos beat Patriots]

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