Buy Oregon’s Silver Rose Bowl Helmet – $1,000!

The Oregon Ducks made a statement, whether good or bad is debatable, with their constantly-changing uniforms in the Rose Bowl, by wearing metallic silver helmets.

Now you can own one, if you have an extra $999 laying around.

You’d think for that much the helmets would have been worn by a player in the game, but no. Although they’re the exact same “Black LiquidMetal Speed” helmets worn by the team, no one’s head has actually been in them.

Here’s the description from Oregon’s site.

Your Ducks dominated the field in the 2012 Rose Bowl game because of their superior gridiron skill and unstoppable passion for football—the eye-catching uniforms didn’t hurt either. Take home your own piece of custom 2012 Rose Bowl memorabilia with this Riddell LiquidMetal Speed Authentic helmet. Crafted to the exact specifications of the helmets worn by your favorite Oregon players on the field during the 2012 Rose Bowl game, it features a mirrored black finish achieved through two cycles of a 12-step technological system that involves hand-placement of die-cut wing graphics (made famous by your Ducks’ success on the field) between shining chrome and LiquidMetal layers.

The helmets, as well as the uniforms, are of course of the Nike Pro Combat variety. Obviously, they’re making a pretty penny for someone — probably both Nike and Oregon.

So what kind of jerks would buy one of these? Apparently at least a few of them. Darren Rovell says three were gone almost immediately.

Source: Oregon sold 3 of its $999 Rose Bowl helmets in the 1st hour.

Great investment!

[Oregon helmets for sale] [Daren Rovell Twitter]

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