Blackhawks’ Sideline Reporter Sarah Kustok Has Her Joe Namath Moment [VIDEO]

So the Chicago Blackhawks had a game last night against Minnesota which means very little to us. What does matter, however, was the intermission when Greg from Lemont was a ‘Shoot The Puck’ contestant. Hawks sideline reporter Sarah Kustok chatted with Greg after he missed his shots and things seemed to be going especially well for Greg last night.

He was likely a few beers deep and decided to pull a Joe Namath and tell Sarah something very personal.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Sarah Kustok is doing her normal fluff routine with ‘Shoot The Puck’ contestants. But Greg isn’t your normal contestant. He has a few things to tell Sarah, like how much he loves her. And how pretty she is.

Climax of Video: :40 mark. Greg spills his feelings.

Conclusion: Nope, never heard of this Kustok chick but we did some investigating and can tell you that Sarah used to be a college basketball player at DePaul and did some sideline reporting for ESPN. Her brother, Zach, was a starting QB at Northwestern back in the day. A sad note from Kustok’s background: In 2010, her father allegedly murdered her mother. Yeah, sorry for the buzzkill.

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