As Part Owner Of Packers, These Shovelers Bring Tears To My Eyes [PHOTOS]

While the rest of you pussies struggle through winter in Atlanta, Tampa, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas, etc., there are those of us who have big enough balls to man-up and stay right in our sh*tty northern cities where it’s cold and snowy. Now as part-owner of the Green Bay Packers, it gives me great pride to see our fans working their asses off for $10/hour to get Lambeau in shape for Sunday’s game.

Just look at how many lined up to shovel. That’s a real NFL franchise. Jealous?

Let’s be honest here, in Cleveland you couldn’t get enough drunk idiots together to clear Municipal or whatever they’re calling that Loserville on Lake Erie these days. Philly? They’d be fighting or smoking crack on shovel breaks. Buffalo? Could those morons drag themselves away from a beer bong long enough to do any work?

It’s moments like these when I realize that investing in the Green Bay Packers was the best business decision in sports history.