Report: Shakira Engaged To Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué [PHOTOS]

Barcelona F.C.’s Gerard Pique (defender) has been pretty much unbeknownst to us dating pop star Shakira since last February. Now their are reports the couple plan to marry.

The Spanish version of People is reporting the couple will get married this summer. Pique, a Spaniard, is 24 and the Colombian-born Shakira, who’s 34, have been rumored to be having a baby as well, but those rumors haven’t been confirmed.

Here’s the blurb from, translated (probably badly).

The smart players and the beautiful pop icon met in 2010 in Ibiza. Since February last year, they are officially a couple. The age difference between the two (she’s on the day exactly ten years older than him, both celebrated on February 2nd birthday) presents for the couple no problem “Love is the main thing,” said Shakira last summer when rumors separation from the soccer star went through the media.

If you’re wondering about Pique, he appeared in his future wife’s video for Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), which were sure was a huge hit somewhere.

As for what this means to men around the world, it obviously means that hot chicks are still sleeping with and marrying soccer dorks. That’s why your sales job at the car dealership is f*ing worthless. These women are going the metrosexual route at an alarming rate. Getting a nursing job might be the way to go. And play rec league soccer between shifts. Guaranteed to get you laid.

[Pique and Barca star Shakira to marry]  [Gerard Piqué – Wikipedia]

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