Last Night’s NY H.S. Girls Basketball Brawl Highlighted By Dude Working Mic [VIDEO]

Look, we’re not publishing this blog post to show you the high school girls’ basketball fight last night in Kingston, New York. Some black chicks decide to start brawling while the white girls on the teams try to find a rock to hide behind. A few black parents come out of the stands and it’s on. Fists start flying and aggressions flow over. But it’s the P.A. announcer who steals the show in our minds.

This white guy, obviously not used to calling street brawls, gets all white.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: (via the local newspaper in the Hudson Valley) According to Newburgh Free Academy coach Rich Desiderio, a Kingston player threw a punch at NFA’s Tashalee Lawrence, who retaliated in turn. The officials tried to break up the fight, but fans and parents from the bleachers joined in the scrum. “I’m embarrassed,” Desiderio said. “I’m disappointed in our adults. Kids are kids, but I’m disappointed in our adults not setting a better example. I think both communities are embarrassed.”

Climax of Video: The Newburgh announcer…“Ladies and gentlemen, stay in the stands…”

Conclusion: Seriously, that’s how you get people to calm down? That calm white voice? Bitch this is a high-energy crowd erupting with anger over a rough foul. May we suggest a “Sit the F*CK DOWN YOU PIECE OF SH*T LOSERS WHO ALWAYS RUIN BASKETBALL GAMES BY ACTING LIKE COMPLETE ASSHOLES BECAUSE YOU’RE UNCIVILIZED F*CKS.” Of course we’ll get called racist and other names, but you go on YouTube and count the number of high school basketball fight videos started by crazy-assed black people running onto a basketball court. Lots. And for those of you whiteys LOLing, you assholes own the stadium fan fight market where families can’t take their kids because you assholes are puking, punching and stabbing other fans. Just telling it like it is, folks. Let’s get honest here.

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