J.R. Smith’s Sister & Girlfriend Beefing With Basketball Fans In China [PHOTOS]

First of all, good luck to J.R. Smith’s sister when she disappears in China and ends up handcuffed to a Nike factory chair where she’ll be making Jordan Concords with just her left hand for 17¢/day. What’s this all about? Smith, a six-year NBA vet, went to China to play basketball this year because there is massive cash to be made. He took his sister, Stephanie, and girlfriend along for the adventure. And then last night sh*t hit the fan. His sister threw a bottle on the court and started brawling. 

Via the China Basketball League offices (their version of what happened via translation):

Smith was fouled, the referee did not blow, his girlfriend and sister of dissatisfaction with the referee, throwing a spa water bottle to the playing area, and then had an argument and the surrounding fans, finally out of the venue by security please.

This isn’t the first time there have been issues for Team J.R. in China. Way back in November he was beefing with team Zhejiang management. They threatened to release the CBA’s highest paid player. That obviously didn’t happen because we’re now to the sister trying to choke-out a Chinese lady phase of this experiment.

Figure on Stephanie touching down in L.A. by Saturday morning.

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