Here’s Scott Van Pelt’s Wedding Registry?

Scott Van Pelt referenced something during his show today that shocked us, didn’t sound right and then the cable went out. Did he actually say something about his “wife?” One thing led to another and a Scott Van Pelt wedding registry was on our desktop. It seems the Internet’s hero managed to get married in October without a peep from us bloggers. How is that even possible? Not sure, but we can now look at what Scott and Stephanie didn’t get for wedding gifts. 

From what we can tell, Mrs. Stephanie Van Pelt used to, or still does, work for ESPN’s college football programming as some sort of associate producer. That’s all we have other than the fact that she didn’t get the one potholder on the couple’s Williams-Sonoma registry.

Now we just need to figure out if anyone bought him the $13 oven mitt. Would hate to buy Tony Romo a gift and not Van Pelt. Love that guy.

[Van Pelt’s Wedding Registry]

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