Cheerleader Of The Week: Alabama Crimson Cabaret’s Hart [PHOTOS]

The football season might be over but that just means that our guy, Asher, in charge of the Cheerleader of the Week turns his attention to basketball. As many of you know, the bigger NCAA schools have football cheerleaders, a separate basketball cheerleading unit and then a basketball dance team. Asher, ever the sleuth, has infiltrated the Alabama Crimson Cabaret to introduce you guys to Hart.

Nope, not giving you freaks her last name. 

Asher reports:

I figured in honor’s of Alabama’s thrilling win in the BCS National Championship Game Monday night, it was only fitting to highlight a member of the Alabama dance squad. You know, the squad that is so charmingly called the Crimson Cabaret. I’ve never really understood why the Tide feels it necessary to label their dance squad a bunch of strippers, but to each his own. This stripper, I mean dancer, is named Hart. I’m sure there is a “she’s so cute she melts my heart” joke in there somewhere, but I’m too damn lazy to find it. Regardless, Hart is pretty freakin’ adorable and I’m sure she has been celebrating her cute little booty off since Monday night. Just remember to hydrate Hart.

Must be nothing better than being a cheerleader/dancer in Tuscaloosa right now. Never pay for club cover charges, drinks or for a plate of those BBQ nachos they serve on The Strip. Those nachos should actually be outlawed. Never been? Put it on the to-do list.

For more college cheerleader fun, go visit Asher’s full-time cheerleader project, College Cheerleader Heaven.

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