What Drunken MLB Hall Of Famer Crashed This Mexican Wedding? [PHOTOS]

Thanks to the superb research of @Sportsfeeder1 we learn of a certain MLB Hall of Famer who played in Boston and Tampa who happened to be in Mexico last week. And was supposedly drunk. And supposedly crashed some guy’s wedding. It’s all right there, documented on Twitter. You drunken MLB Hall of Famers are on notice. Twitter will out your asses.

You crash a Mexican wedding party? Twitter will be there.

Of course we’re talking about Wade Boggs. Twitter user @MichaelJGolde, a news anchor at the Big 550 in St. Louis, has the goods.

EXCLUSIVE: An extremely intoxicated Wade Boggs crashed a wedding in Mexico and hit on my friend’s pregnant wife.

And added:

Sources tell me that Jim McMahon was also present and under the influence of numerous narcotics. He asked where the beach was. On the beach.

Wait, how the hell did McMahon get involved in this story? That’s unconfirmed, by the way. What we do know is that legendary drinker Wade Boggs was at some fiesta on January 6. The wife does look pregnant. The husband looks like he’s drinking a canned Corona.

In other words, this story seems to check out.

Have you run into a drunken former/current athlete lately? At a Mexican wedding? We want to hear about it.

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