Wait, So Roger Clemens Is Now Bros With Snoop & Toby Keith? [PHOTO]

Just making our normal rounds this morning and was shocked at what Roger Clemens is up to these days instead of dodging government perjury lawyers. Would you ever guess that Rocket is good enough friends with Snoop D-O-double G that he has dinner with the former pimp? Of course it makes sense to have dinner with Toby Keith. From what we have learned, Snoop has infiltrated white America as a black football coach.

That’s right, celebs want him coaching their sons.

Via @chloeshloey:

My dad had dinner last night with Snoop Dogg….errrrrrr WHAT

And added, after being prodded how her dad knows Snoop:

@SAstunner23 he’s really good friends with Toby Keith, and Toby’s son plays on the team that Snoop coaches.

Wait, what? So Toby Keith’s son is being coached by Snoop? That’s right. It seems, from our research, that Keith is a longtime fan of Snoop’s musical work, which makes sense why he’d let the Dogg coach his son. This dinner appears to be from San Antonio where Snoop was in town for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

From 2003:

“A poet is a poet,” Keith says. “There’s a lot of trash over on that side, and all the cop-killing [lyrics]. Sometimes they don’t think much of our music, and we don’t talk highly of most of theirs. … You’ll get Snoop’s lyrics and read them for what they are. He’s as fine a poet, a rhymer of words, as there is on the planet. He’s that good. He’s humorous, he’s witty, he’s very clever. And lyrically, it’s no different than reading Shakespeare or anything else you would read, as long as you take it for what it is.

So one thing leads to another and we find out Snoop was popped for pot possession at some point this weekend. Can’t make this stuff up. It just finds us.


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