Pornstars Riley Steele & Nikki Benz Want Tebow’s Virginity [PHOTOS]

You know what we love about the Tebow phenomenon? This story has brought Americans from many different walks of life together for football, religion and the race to steal Tim’s virginity. As we’ve said since 2008: Men want to be him, women want to do him. And what has happened over the last 10 weeks or so is that pornstars are starting to take notice of Baby Jesus and his virginity. The thought is driving them crazy.

Riley Steele & Nikki Benz can barely contain their excitement. The two caused a minor ripple after Sunday’s victory over the following exchange.

Benz tweeted after the miraculous OT TD:

It’s official! I gotta bang @timtebow

Which was followed by fellow pornstar Riley Steele tweeting:

@NikkiBenz@timtebow agreed ;o)

The ladies didn’t expand on how they’d steal Tim’s virginity or what the scenario would be. Actually, we’re efforting their managers to get an interview so we can set the scene for Baby Jesus. We also want to know what kind of porn music would be playing.

Something aggressive? Something with a little more piano to make the mood more romantic?

Both ladies have had legendary careers in the porn industry so it’s going to be one helluva battle over the virgin. Benz was born in the Ukraine and raised in Toronto so she’d have that worldly point of view that Baby Jesus seems to enjoy. Steele, meanwhile, is a native Californian who has appeared in such classics as Babysitters 2, Tara’s Titties, Top Guns & our favorite 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Moneyline To Take Tebow’s Virginity:

Benz +4000

Steele +21,750

Have you seen a pornstar tweeting about having sex with Tebow or taking his virginity? We want to know about it. Have your eyes open.

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