Just Trent Richardson Playing Craps At Harrah’s Before BCS [PHOTOS]

We were going to leave this story alone because it just gets the SEC blood pressure out of control and you boys don’t need any extra stress. But it’s football and gambling so it’s our journalistic duty to proceed.

Why do we love Alabama‘s Trent Richardson and would probably put our franchise on his shoulders? Because this guy is always hustlin’, doing his best to grind out a living, providing for his two little girls & doing it all on a college football paycheck. This weekend in N.O.? Hustlin’ the Harrah’s casino craps tables. Monday? Carrying LSU’s defense with him to another BCS championship.

Probably doubled down his dinner money to buy his babies new shoes. From now on in the BCS, when push comes to shove we’re throwing down moneyline bets on the stud running back with two kids and was spotted counting his rack at the local casino.

Of course there will be those assholes who’ll attack Trent for throwing the bones on BCS weekend. What’s he supposed to do, sit in a hotel and read some stupid book? The smart move was taking those handshake $100s and heading straight to the felt. What would the craps table minimums be on Friday night in N.O.? $25?

In the end, we saw who wanted it more. Who had more mouths to feed. Who had college trust funds to finance.

Roll Tide Roll!


What else are we missing from BCS weekend? Any puker sorority chicks who need to be recognized for their achievement? Send ’em in.

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