John Smoltz Unloading $7.2MM, 18,000 Sq. Ft. Junker [PHOTOS]

There’s one of two things going on with John Smoltz right now: (a.) He’s getting bored with his 18,000 sq. ft. Georgia house on a golf course, or (b.) his ass is leaking cash. See, there was news in 2011 that Smoltz had some trouble with real estate in Wyoming where he went through a “strategic foreclosure.” That brings us to the news that Smoltzy has put this gigantic f-you pad on the market for only $7.2mm.

Dude made $135mm in his career. Something is going on here. Would he be upgrading? If so, hoow does that even go down? You want 50 acres instead of the 22 with this shack?

So many questions for Smoltz on this place such as ‘How does one bring his/herself to pay $50,000 per year in property taxes.’ And, where can we get one of those Murphy beds? Boss.

Need To Know Details About The John Smoltz Junker:

• 10 beds, 14 bathrooms

• Tennis….&….basketball courts

• Additional studio apartment

• 6 fireplaces

• Indoor Grill

• 2-story foyer

Asking Price: $7, 200,000

Mortgage Calculator: $27,700 on 30-year fixed (20% slapped down before getting keys). We’re guessing an additional $7,000-$10k per month for maintenance crew and pool boys. Figure your costs accordingly.

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