Denver Radio Jock Pays Off Tebow Bet With This Miniskirt [VIDEO]

Nice look, bitch. Meet Steelers fan and 106.7 Denver FM radio host Joe Bevilacqua So the wacky media guys in Denver are trying to out crazy each other with Tebow-related sidebets and Joe put a miniskirt on the line for the Steelers-Tebow game. Well, we all know how Baby Jesus responded to such a challenge. Joe paid off the bet and we end up with this video.

It’s nothing special and, horrific as it sounds, it includes an upskirt. God, please make this sh*t stop.

Posted: Jan. 9, 2012

Premise of Video: (via 106.7 vlogger) 106.7 KBPI Denver’s morning show host Willie B made a bet with the FM programing boss and obnoxious, cocky, Pittsburgh Steelers fan Joe Bevilacqua that the Steelers would kill the Broncos. Joe was so sure that the river people would win he said he would wear a mini skirt to work. Well folks, the rest is history… Some say Joe looked very comfortable in that skirt. You be the judge.

Climax of Video: Well, if you’re gay, probably when he opened his mouth. What pipes on that tranny.

Conclusion: God, if you can hear me, sorry about all the handbras, hairbras, f-bombs, etc. Just make this Tebow sh*t stop. Oops, sorry. Anyway, stop it already. Next thing you know one of these radio guys is going to be so sure Tebow’s going to lose they’ll throw gay sex on the line. Is this really what you want?