What Eagles WR Was Hanging With Stripper This Morning? [PHOTO]

Never heard of @HeavenKODDiva? She’ll be getting some run this afternoon as the Miami-based stripper at King of Diamonds who uploaded this photo 5-6 hours ago of herself and a certain Eagles WR at what we’d assume is King of Diamonds. Molly’s Twitter profile says that she’s “ONE OF KING OF DIAMONDS POLE RYDER.” Kudos to the WR for giving us material to get over this BCS snoozer. Who’s the lucky guy? He went to Cal. 

Of course it’s DeSean Jackson.

Of course Eagles fan hated this guy for his 2011 attitude, but just look how he’s treating his offseason. Dude is cutting back on extravagances such as hot strippers on his arms.

Sure, homeboy is wearing a Polo sweatshirt, but those things aren’t expensive these days. And the chain is probably gold plated.

@HeavenKODDiva was very proud of herself this morning, telling one of her homegirls “Bol girl I been liking him since UCal.”

Dreams really do come true for these strippers.