Pretty Sure Rays’ Pitcher David Price Impregnated Kate Upton Today [PHOTOS]

So David Price, Jay Bruce, Verlander & C.J. Wilson are filming a 2012 MLB commercial today and there is a special guest. Kudos to baseball’s marketing gurus for signing up Kate Upton to appear in the same commercial. Anyway, imagine the shock when Price finds out that Upton is 19 and she’s in the same room with his ass. You get this tweet and a couple others where he starts asking if she has a sister.

She’ll be lucky to get out of that room without getting knocked up.

Price continued,

whaaatttt?!?! Shes taken?!?! Ill ask if she has an older sister RT @PeytonD: @DAVIDprice14 steal her from Mark Sanchez

Translation: Price told her he’s rich, talented and would gladly take her off Mark Sanchez’s hands.

Price continued,

She too cold!! lolz RT @TerrryFunk7: @Jholmes1087@DAVIDprice14 hot Dayum !! Mane

Translation: Pretty sure he asked her if she wanted him to apply the nipple tape.

Again, good for the MLB for finally figuring out what makes men tick and throwing their young stars in the same commercial with a teenage bikini model. If she’s not in a bikini in this commercial it’ll be a travesty and be a total baseball move. We’re waiting to be disappointed.